We pride ourselves on the standard and quality of everything we offer in the Pavilion Café which operates according to all the latest food hygiene, storage and safety regulations. We also encourage all our volunteers to undertake an online National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in food hygiene and storage.


We promote rural businesses by sourcing many of our food items locally. For example, we buy our milk, cold meats, bread and salad  from Ashton Hayes and Mouldsworth Village Shop, which, like us, is a community venture ploughing its profits back into the village. Our ever popular traybakes are made by Love Baking, another village business, and our showstopper cakes are homemade by volunteers. Eat your heart out Bake Off contestants!


We also offer...

Hot and cold drinks

Hot chocolate for those crisp winter days anyone? Or perhaps you prefer coffee? We have latte, cappuccino, filter, pod, decaff and instant. Tea drinkers may choose from a dizzying array of delicious brews ranging from builder's and fruits to Earl and Lady Grey.  And there's plenty of choice of chilled drinks including milkshakes for adults and little people.

Tasty toasties & scrumptious soups

Toasties go down a treat with the young and not so young. Why not have yours with mouthwatering  homemade soup and nudge a little bit closer to your 5 a day? We also rustle up beans or spaghetti on toast - a perfect teatime treat for  kiddies after a hectic session on the playground.


Opening times -


Friday  12pm - 4pm

Saturday and Sunday 2pm - 4pm

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